Common Questions

Q: Are Greyhounds Highly Strung?

A: No. They are naturally calm and rather self possessed. As a breed they have been around for a very long time. They are genuine thoroughbreds.

Q: Are Greyhounds easy to housetrain?

A: Yes, they are naturally clean dogs and prefer to do their business outside. The first thing to do when taking a greyhound home is to show the exit to the garden and give lots of praise and a treat if it goes to the toilet. Repeat this a few times and your dog will soon understand what is required. Initial accidents in the house are usually due to the anxiety of being in a new place.

Q: Are Greyhounds good with children?

A: As good as any dog and better than most, because of their characteristic gentleness. However, as with any dog, caution is necessary especially with very young children who should never be left alone with a dog. It is wise, when visiting our kennels, to bring the children along to meet and get used to our greyhounds.

Q: Are there Character differences between a dog and a bitch?

A: In general terms the dogs are a bit more “laid back” than the bitches who tend to be more curious and dominant. However both dogs and bitches have the same characteristics of gentleness, laziness and loyalty.

Q: How much exercise so they need?

A: Toilet considerations apart, very little indeed. Twenty minutes, twice a day is usually more than enough. Greyhounds are sprinters and their energy gets used up in short bursts.

Q: Is muzzle wearing obligatory?

A: No.   But, initially, while you are getting used to your dog and its reactions it is a sensible precaution. If you feel you need to let your dog off the lead, a confined space and the wearing of a muzzle is recommended.

Q: Will I need a special bed for the greyhound?

A: No. An old quilt folded in two is perfect. But they are used to sleeping off the ground and will need no encouragement to take over your bed as well as your settee. They do like to stretch out.

Q: Are Greyhounds easy to train and do they come back when you call?

A: Yes, but it needs patience and understanding. Train in a confined area but remember that greyhounds have selective hearing once they have focussed on something. Repetition and consistency is very important. Like any dog, a greyhound loves to please and tasty rewards for doing the right thing are highly appreciated.

Q: What do I feed my Greyhound with?

A: We recommend low protein complete dried foods that are titled “Working Dog Maintenance”, “Gun Dog Maintenance” or “Greyhound Maintenance”. Doggy treats are also favourably received.

Q: Will my Greyhound get on with other dogs?

Greyhounds do not generally meet other breeds of dogs when in racing kennels so it is sensible to socialise them as much as possible.  Greyhounds can and do live quite happily with other dogs once they feel secure with them.

Q: Can Greyhounds live with cats?

Yes they can, and many do, however getting on with cats can demand a lot of patience, care and sensible handling from the owner.

For further advice on these and other matters please consult any of the volunteers at our kennels or call 0845 458 3797