Greyhound Lottery

One of our trustees, Phil Pearce, has devised a lottery based on the results from one of the races at the racetrack. It will help raise vital funds for us, and remember the saying “you’ve got to be in it to win it!”. You can join the lottery by filling in an entry form, available from the Homefinders facebook site, the stadium or email Phil:

Rules & Regulations

1) Subscriptions will be £52 yearly, £26 half yearly, or £13 quarterly by standing order.
2) The lottery will consist of up to a maximum of 124 members.
3) There will be no limit to the amount of membership each person may have.
4) All members will be issued with a 3 figure membership number which will be their number during the duration of their time in the lottery. The numbers will be any figure combination of 1 to 6 of which there are 124 possible combinations.
5) Each week there will be one prize winner of £60.
6) The winning numbers will be the first 3 dogs home in first race at Yarmouth greyhound stadium on each Saturday evening. Eg. If 3 wins, 5 is second, 2 is third for that week the winning numbers will be 352 in that order.
7) If the combination of numbers has not been sold then it will be rolled over to the following week.
8) The lottery will be ongoing weekly from Saturday 4th MAY 2019.
9) Winners will be paid by cheque the following week.
10) A full list of winners will be sent out with Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders Newsletter & on the homefinders facebook site. Anyone wanting a list of winners can do so by emailing Phil:
11) The lottery will be promoted by Philip Pearce,12 Bond Close, Pulham St Mary, Diss, Norfolk, IP21 4QN on behalf of Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders.
12) In the event of a non-runner in the first race we will still pay out on the first 3 home 

Each week there will be one prize winner of £60