Kennel Sponsorship Scheme

Would you like your name on one of our kennels?

Here is a way you, your friends, your work mates, your family or anyone can help our dogs directly. We have set up a kennel sponsorship scheme whereby companies, workmates or individuals can sponsor a particular kennel at our kennels. Perhaps you would like to sponsor a kennel in memory of a lost pet or friend.

The kennels are numbered from 1-14 and the names of sponsors will be placed on a board on the particular kennel wall and also have a permanent place on our website.

You would be able to visit your kennel when you wished to give treats to whichever greyhound is there at the time.

You can find out which dog is in your sponsored kennel by looking at our available dogs on the website (click here). It will show each kennel number and who is there.

Kennel sponsorship costs just £50 for one year, £200 for 5 years and £400 for a permanent sponsorship.

Cheques should be made to Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders and can be sent to us at 24 Caxton Park, Beeston Regis, Sheringham NR26 8ST. You can download a sponsorship form below. If you’d like more information please call us on 0845 458 3797

Our Kennels are sponsored by....

Kennel 1

Has 3 sponsors

Phillip Pearce for Ceasar and Zoe, Mr Terry Douglas, Barbara Cliff

Kennel 2

Has 2 sponsors

Mrs Jessica Bailey, Debbie Bush

Kennel 3

Has 1 sponsors

Barry and Linda Nobbs in memory of “Reggie”

Kennel 4

Has 3 sponsors

Cromer Holiday Chalets, Steve Roberts, Mr and Mrs Fotheringham

Kennel 5

Has 3 sponsors

Sandi Caine-Wiliam, Kirsty and Greg London, Yvonne Lamb

Kennel 6

Has 3 sponsors

Mary and Kim Nolan, The Townend families, Anonymous

Kennel 7

Has 3 sponsors

Maureen McCoy, Mr M. Marshall,  Mrs K. Dymond

Kennel 8

Has 2 sponsors

Hazel Jubb, Ann Hutchinson

Kennel 9

Has 1 sponsors

Corinne in memory of Claudia, Topaz, Tanya and Marley

Kennel 10

Has 4 sponsors

Gillian Wright, Tim Collison, Richard and Deborah Cutler, Barry Fry

Kennel 11

Has 2 sponsors

The Musicians of Norwich Baroque and Gail and Harriet Carter

Kennel 12

Has 4 sponsors

Peter Hunter and Whoopie, Ted and Sue Irving, Scott Jefferies, Sarah and Nigel Harvey

Kennel 13

Has 5 sponsors

Sara and Dad Chapman, John and Heather Conway, Jennifer Paterson, Mrs P. Dymond, Rachel Mizsei Ward

Kennel 14

Has 3 sponsors

The Botsford family, Ed Chapman/Coleen Gorman, Jane Bramham-Jones

Kennel sponsorship costs just £50 for one year, £200 for 5 years and £400 for a permanent sponsorship.