nickname  Eddie
racing name  Rasher Dasher [IE/UK 2019] 
color  Blue
sex  male
date of birth  6 APR 2019
friendly to  children: older  dogs: ?   cats: ?
comment  ****IN FOSTER CARE****This very handsome boy called Eddie came to us as an urgent case. Even though we have a long waiting list, we had to take him in to ensure he can find a suitable forever home.
Eddie is a stunning blue and white boy of medium size. Eddie loves company and affection, most enjoying a cuddle on the sofa. Having been in a home for 6 months prior to coming to us, Eddie understandably found kennel life stressful so has been placed in a super foster home. He settled quickly, proved to be housetrained and loving the warm and comforts. Eddie can be strong on the lead initially but is well-mannered around other dogs on walks, however he would prefer to be the only dog in the home. If you would like to meet Eddie, please get in contact with us.

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