Support all the way

Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders will continue to support you after you have adopted. If you have any problems or questions, we are at the end of the phone or you can email us. We have access to a dog behaviourist who is willing to help us when and if she can.
Most greyhounds move into their new home without any problems – but occasionally adopters have a concern about their new pet and may need a bit of advice.
Well, we’re here to help. Anyone who adopts one of our greyhounds is welcome to call or email us at any time for advice and assistance. We’ll try to provide the advice by phone, or email but if this isn’t enough our existing owners are able and willing to give experienced advice and support through our Facebook page “Successful Homing at Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders”.

Greyhounds love people and are normally very gentle, laid-back animals. Most of the time they settle into their new homes very quickly. But you have to remember that, up to the point they come to you, they have lived very ‘monastic’ lives in kennels. Everything in your home is different; the fact that you are close to them is different; the sights and sounds in the home are new; most greyhounds will never have met another breed of dog – and when they do they may be nervous or ‘on guard’.
A little patience and learning to live with each other will overcome most problems and your reward will be a fabulous companion.
However, if you feel anxious or uncertain about anything to do with your greyhound, you are not alone – we’re here to help and we’ll stand by you.
Depending on the circumstances it may decided to use the services of a dog behaviour specialist to sort out the relationship between you and your new greyhound.
Our aim is to provide happy dogs for happy homes and owners – and we’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure this is what happens.